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Waqas Haleem Sports Limited


Company established in 2009 with the idea of providing sports goods of high standard quality on cheaper prices than other sports companies in market. That�s why our company motto is �BUY CHEAP WITHOUT COMPROMISE ON QUALITY�. 

Our existence in market with increasing number of products with the passage of time is proving that we are on track of achieving our promise to our customers and are trusted by them. 

In 2009 company laid its foundations as a small sports equipment retailers group and till the end of 2010 we were registered and recognized �SACHIN SPORTS� wholesalers and distributers in UK. We still are keeping the authorization of distribution for �sachin sports� in UK and have also launched our own brand in the market with the name of �WH SPORTS�. 

Our company also provide sports equipment to clubs and schools on good and competitive prices and even offer club logos and equipment designs, if required.


Our next target is to set our own manufacturing units in UK and we are on our way to achieve it, as we have the great pleasure of having our customers trust and a truly progressive history with the successful achievement of our company motto and self-driven dedication of our team.


Ranging from the very best 2016 grade 1 English willow Cricket Bats down to entry level Kashmir bats from cricket's best loved brands - including Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, New Balance, Gunn and Moore, Puma, Hunts County, and Bradbury. Choose your weight, size and cricket bat profile with ease this season at the UK's leading Cricket Specialist. A full range of cricket bats available across both junior and senior bat sizes.
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